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Who's driving this thing?

How To Drive Your Marketing With Data

Data-driven marketing is a marketing approach where all aspects of a promotion are designed based on very specific data and specific interpretations of that data.

This process begins with data but has more to do with drawing the correct conclusions from that data in order to inform marketing decisions in such a way that increase sales. By using the data and interpreting it correctly, marketers are able to cater the perfect messaging and solutions to prospects.

Check out how this is playing out today:

● 3 in 5 businesses say data driven marketing increases lead conversions

● 2 in 3 businesses believe that data driven marketing is a necessary component of surviving throughout continued economic globalization

● 2 in 3 marketing professionals have seen an increase in business as a result of campaigns informed by data

So how do we begin to implement this process in our businesses?

Step 1: Begin With Data Management

Data is really easy to come by. Acquiring the information is not the challenge when it comes to correctly implementing data-driven marketing. The challenge is more in properly organizing, maintaining, managing, and interpreting the data that we have.

Step 2: Have A Process For Data Maintenance

Data rapidly deteriorates in quality over the course of time - especially when you have a significant amount of data about a market composed of human beings.

Once you have a way to sort your data make sure to implement a process whereby you can automate its upkeep.

Utilizing Neural Sales is like having the hard work done for you. The intuitive nature of our software not only delivers the most accurate data- it continues to learn from you as you interact with potential customers and close more sales.

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