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What is Marketing Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is a term used to describe all solutions that are used for organizing and managing information that a business must base its sales, branding, and promotions on. This includes tools like client relationship management solutions, social media analytics tools, and automated marketing recommendations based on a given set of data.

Market Intelligence is used to discover who your customers are, why they do business with you, and what you can do to keep their business while growing with others like them. These tools offer the data analysis that need to be taken seriously in order to form the best buyer personas moving forward.

Conventional account based marketing programs have been centered around antiquated industry sectors such as standardized industry classification or more commonly called SIC codes. The Neural Sales approach takes into consideration thousands of business performance and marketing signals to tighten your addressable market into concise cohorts to streamline your message and maximize effectiveness. In addition to enhancing the intelligence surrounding industry sectors, our platform provides real time inside into initiatives, business performance metrics, and the challenges and opportunities your potential customers face. This information is aligned based on your past experience winning deals with in this sector and related industry.

Gathering the data needed to make the best judgment about your market and where your business should be going has become way too overwhelming for individuals or teams to do without the help of Marketing Intelligence tools. Even gathering the right information may not be enough if it isn’t properly acquired and maintained; wading through inaccurate info is a standard issue for marketing and sales professionals.

Thankfully marketing Intelligence tools like Neural Sales- now provide all of the insights you need to take your business to the next level without feeling like you’re constantly being passed by the competition.

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