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Interview with our co-founder Dave Krauthamer

Updated: May 16, 2019

We thought a great way to walk you through our product was to introduce you to one of our co-founders, Dave. He has a ton of experience (as a CEO, CIO, CTO, CRO, CMO, CSO, Board Member & Investor) and he's involved in everything we do here at Neural Sales.

1. What IS Neural Sales? 

Neural sales is a radical new approach to the way that companies identify and target their next best customer. Our platform leverage is literally millions of signals that are available within the public sphere such as marketing communications, news and events, social media, and the company website to provide better segmentation and more predictable revenue.

2. What kind of business will benefit most from using NS? 

Anyone with a business to business sales approach will benefit from our platform. Our customers enjoy noise free account based marketing segmentation, and a clear understanding of their total addressable market place.

3. How did you come up with NS? 

Having managed a number of sales and marketing teams it was painfully apparent that traditional industry information such as SIC codes miss the mark for a successful ABM strategy. It's a big problem, and the only way to really understand a company and a market is to analyze that market across as many data sets as possible... Enter Neural Sales.

4. What have you done in the past that's brought you here? 

Throughout my career I have seen the struggle to find actionable data, and really understand a total addressable market. Working with The Band of Angels has really illustrated the difficulty entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, and investors go through to understand opportunities markets and correctly assess opportunity.

5. What do you think the impact on the sales industry will be? 

Neural sales is in a position to radically redefine market segments and the way sales and marketing  professionals operate by providing meaningful information and insight right out of the box. Our goal is to eliminate the objections surrounding data availability and the ability to execute an ABM strategy with the confidence that comes from knowing your messages are all on point.

6. What else can we look forward to from NS? 

Our goal is to provide streamlined actionable intelligence and data collection throughout the sales and marketing process from the inception and qualification of a deal all the way to the post mortem for successful and unsuccessful deals like. Our neural markets product will radically shift the way product marketing and research and development are conducted. Stay tuned! 
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