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Finding "the one"

OMG you found the one. The perfect client, the best fit- they're made for you. You have exactly what they need, and you land a fantastic sale. Now do that multiple times a quarter, year after year. Easy right?

No problem, just communicate effectively, to the right person, in a way that is comfortable and aligns with their communication style. Offer a solution to a problem they don't even know they have yet based on an accurate prediction of what's going on in their industry. Focus on relevant events in a timely manner.

All you need is all encompassing insight into who they are, what they do, and how you fit into their solution. Easy peasy.

Except this is a rare occasion, and often a ton of time is wasted talking to the wrong people about the wrong things that have nothing to do with what they need.

Most account based marketing strategies lack the specificity in targeting micro industry segments that properly align with what customers need. Although account based marketing means ideally treating each customer as if they were an audience of one, the reality is- if you don't have accurate insight you are either guessing, wasting time, or both.

Effective communication and being able to group your target segments based upon what they need, what their industry focuses on, and aligning that with relevant events ensures that you're not only reaching the audience that you should reach, but you're also saying things that are relevant specifically to them.

You already know what the ideal sale looks like, you even know what your ideal client looks like- you just need to access the insight and info you need to close. Lucky for you- we've laid that groundwork for you. We'd love to show you haw Neural Sales has checked all these boxes for you.

As it turns out, we're the one for you.

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