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B2Be in the know

Have you ever been travelling in an unfamiliar city and asked someone for directions? We all have. The difference between getting info from a fellow tourist who's been there that one time before, or the guy who's been there all his life makes a significant impact on your experience.

You want the little local cafe, where you can tell the bartender that Joe sent you, and you then get escorted to the private patio where there's live music because it's Thursday.

You want the right information, and getting in front of the right person will go a long way.

Now let's talk business. Literally... Business to business marketing databases have ballooned into the tens of millions. The importance of reaching the right decision makers and influencers is often overlooked for the ease of reaching a larger although less relevant and important audience.

But is bigger better? Just because you can reach a million people doesn't mean anything if you don't meet the handful of people who can really help you reach your sales goals.

We offer up not only the right person who makes decisions relevant to what you are selling, but also offer insight to how to best communicate with them; (early mornings, keep it short and sweet, follow up immediately). Wanna see? Schedule a demo and we'll show you how to best spend your time.

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