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Prospecting is a waste of time.

Say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time
Know who is a REAL player and who will waste your time
Spend your time working real leads

Stop prospecting and start working qualified deals.


NEURAL SALES is an intelligent (AI) solution that evaluates all aspects of your market in real-time and learns from your interactions, successes, and setbacks. 




3 Steps

and you're already ahead

Identify qualified prospects

in seconds


In just a click, you get a list of qualified companies that have relevant initiatives that match your product offer.

Our unique AI Targeting can automate your campaign from the subject line to the email body.  Establish a storyline with your audience by creating email steps that can be automatically shared at optimal send times.

Create campaigns with high click rates


Access to real-time response data


Get response data displayed on the dashboard analyzed to understand your audience, & create suggestions to improve your campaign.

Did that work? 

It's yes or no.

 Our set of tools is geared toward automating the difficult and highly time-intensive tasks around donor targeting and personalized messaging. 

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